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Cosset 愛寵健 排毒淨肝犬用配方 90粒

Cosset 愛寵健 排毒淨肝犬用配方 90粒

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Cosset 愛寵健 排毒淨肝犬用配方 90


  1. 全天然草本成份,紓緩因體內毒素過多而引致的皮膚問題及其他症狀,如皮膚泛紅、痕癢、乾燥及 脫皮,或起紅疹、出現不正常毛髮褪色或眼睛分泌物等
  2. 淨化血液,幫助身體分解及排出日常生活中攝入之毒素及化學物質
  3. 排出體內廢物、減輕肝臟負擔,促進代謝功能
  4. 促進分泌膽汁分解脂肪,提升消化功能,防止脂質沉積於血管及肝臟
  5. 強化肝臟解毒功能


  1. 定期使用殺蚤用品、驅蟲藥、心絲蟲藥等
  2. 長期服用藥物
  3. 寵物食品內的農藥殘留、重金屬及防腐劑
  4. 肝指數偏高
  5. 過度肥胖
  6. 慣性憋尿
  7. 水分攝取不足
  8. 缺少運動
  9. 眼睛出現不正常分泌物
  10. 皮膚泛紅、痕癢、濕疹、癬、不正常毛髮褪色或脫落

Country of origin: Poland

  1. Natural ingredients to relieve skin and other symptoms caused by excessive toxins in the body such as redness, itchy, dry and peeling, or rash, faded hair or eye discharge
  2. Purify blood, help the body break down and discharge toxins and chemicals in daily life
  3. Excretion of body waste, reduce the burden on the liver and promote metabolic function
  4. Promote secretion of bile fat decomposition, enhance digestive function, prevent lipid deposition in blood vessels and liver
  5. Strengthen the liver detoxification function

Suitable for dogs only have the following habits or symptoms:

  1. Regular use of flea supplies, deworming medicine, heartworm medicine
  2. Long-term use of drugs
  3. Pesticide residues in pet food, heavy metals and preservatives
  4. High liver index
  5. Overweight
  6. Inertia holding back urine
  7. Insufficient moisture intake
  8. Lack of exercise
  9. Eye abnormal secretion
  10. Skin redness, itchy, eczema, ringworm, abnormal hair fading or shedding

Ingredients 成

  1. 洋薊莘取物 :促進分泌膽汁分解脂肪,提升消化功能,穩定膽固醇水平。具抗氧化功能,保護肝臟免受自由基損 害,亦可利尿
  2. 半胱氨酸 :有助排毒的抗氧化成份,可促進肝細胞之功能與再生。幫助脂肪消化,防止脂肪積聚於肝臟
  3. 精胺酸 :加速排毒程序,促進蛋白質、脂肪與碳水化合物的代謝
  4. 牛磺酸 :促進膽汁分泌,有助排除肝臟毒素及代謝廢氣,保護肝細胞功能。加強肝臟再生,減低患上肝硬化的機會
  5. 乳薊 :具有抗炎、抗氧化之特性,提升肝臟解毒及排毒功能。加強肝細胞再生功能,有助減低患上肝硬化的機會
  6. 維生素B群 :促進肝臟的代謝功能,配合乳薊使用,大大提升肝臟解毒及排毒功能
  7. 磷脂 :幫助消化脂肪及促進乳薊之吸收,促進肝細胞之功能與再生,並可針對膽石及脂肪肝問題 鋅 保護肝臟功能免受外來化學物質損害,亦可用於預防肝醣儲積症
  1. Artichoke Xin extract: to promote the secretion of bile fat decomposition, enhance digestion, stable cholesterol levels. Anti-oxidation function, protect the liver from free radical damage, but also diuretic
  2. Cysteine: a detoxifying antioxidant that promotes the function and regeneration of liver cells. Help fat digestion, prevent fat accumulation in the liver
  3. Arginine: Accelerate detox programs to promote protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  4. Taurine: to promote bile secretion, helps to eliminate liver toxins and metabolic emissions, protect liver cell function. Strengthen liver regeneration, reduce the chance of suffering from cirrhosis
  5. Milk Thistle: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties, improve liver detoxification and detoxification. Strengthen the function of liver cell regeneration, help to reduce the chance of suffering from cirrhosis
  6. Vitamin B group: to promote the liver's metabolic function, with the use of milk thistle, greatly enhance the liver detoxification and detoxification function
  7. Phospholipids: to help digest fat and promote the absorption of milk thistle to promote the function and regeneration of liver cells, and for gallstone and fatty liver problems zinc protect liver function from the damage of foreign chemicals, can also be used to prevent glycogenosis




This product is aimed at the liver purification and detoxification efficacy, suitable for long-term use, generally does not cause diarrhea

Some dogs will take early detoxification reaction appears urine stink, soft stool and other symptoms, this is normal detoxification


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